Hand Therapy Treatments

Treatments Provided

Expert Arm & Hand Evaluation

Standardised assessments provide a baseline for treatment to ensure that Hand Therapy remains evidence-based. This can include formal measurements of movement, strength and functional ability. Reliable data better guides rehabilitation so clients can efficiently meet their goals. Furthermore, special tests can help attain a differential diagnosis to focus and guide recovery.

Ultrasound & Thermal Treatments

Thermal modalities, like heat, can reduce hand swelling and improve circulation. Paraffin wax treatment provides moist heat to improve stiffness and decrease pain related to trauma or conditions like osteoarthritis. Therapeutic ultrasound supplies mechanical energy to soft tissues to speed up the rate of healing. Ultrasound can also facilitate scar remodeling during its formation.

Manual Therapies

Hands-on treatments can help improve pain, swelling, stiffness and even scarring. This may involve massage, passive stretching or joint mobilisation. Manual therapies can increase tissue pliability, joint flexibility and any congestion that can contribute painful or restricted arm / hand movement.


Bespoke static and dynamic thermoplastic splints can provide rest, give protection, reduce pain or optimise arm / hand movement. These orthoses can aid in easing disagreeable symptoms or reducing recovery time post-op. Guidance on the use of soft braces or specialist taping can also help decrease pain and improve arm / hand performance.

Exercise & Activity Programmes

Expert guidance on exercises can optimise mobility and strength eliminating the need for guesswork. Specialist fine-motor retraining aims at improving hand dexterity. Sensory re-education and desensitisation strategies assist in normalising areas with altered feeling like numbness, pins and needles or hypersensitivity. Ergonomic and activity modification advice can optimise pain-free function at home or in the workplace.

Wound Care

Arm / hand wounds may be the result of a traumatic injury or surgery. A Hand Therapist can select the right dressing choices which can quicken your healing and prevent infection. Wound care may also include removal of stitches / sutures and any appropriate scar management.