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Health and Medical Structured Data for Independent Health Practitioners

What is Structured Data and Rich Results?

Rather than replicate and write what has been written elsewhere, in far more detail than I could hope to achieve, I will firstly presume you already have a certain understanding. Perhaps in your endeavour to see some examples of LocalBusiness Medical Schema in practice, you have stumbled across my page.

If you do need more detail I would start with Google’s own documentation then head over to the webpage, particularly the local business and health related sections.

Tools and Software for Schema Markup

Some useful tools exist to help understand the layout of structured data, what can be used and what is recognised by Google

Google Structured Data Testing Tool

This tool from Google will allow you to paste a URL of a live web page or just a snippet of code. It will then evaluate the structured Schema data and highlights any issues, errors or warnings.

Google's Rich Test Results

Again, paste your URL or code into the relevant box and it will test Schema data. Where this test is different from the structured data exam is that it will specifically test against Google’s supported featured Rich Test results.

Merkle Technical SEO tools

This is a fantastic tool if you have straightforward structured data requirements. Select the type of Schema and fill in the relevant data. It outputs the code in JSON-LD format for you to insert into your webpage code.

However, Schema does not end there and there are significant options to expand and explicitly tell the search engines what else you or your business / clinic provides. This also allows practitioners and clinics with niche specialities to showcase what they provide and cover within the website code.

This is where the Schema App proved to be very productive. Schema App is a subscription-based web based application that covers Schema markup in great detail. In my opinion, it is not the easiest or an intuitive program to start with. However, if you have got to this point of understanding Schema markup you will have no problem using the software.

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